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The law firm of Marco Caridi, Esq. practices in the areas of residential real estate transactions, commercial real estate transactions, and consumer protection/bankruptcy, throughout the greater New York City metropolitan area. Mr. Caridiís professional philosophy is that ability, experience, service, and direct accountability are the primary components of effective legal representation. His accomplishments and renowned success are due to this strict adherence to providing first rate, specialized services that are custom tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.
Real Estate Transactions
Represents clients in the purchase, sale, and refinance of residential and commercial real estate and cooperative corporations.

Represents clients in settlement conferences in the Supreme Court Foreclosure Part.
Bank Attorney
Conducts real estate closings including but not limited to refinances, purchases, and consolidations with reference to 1-to-4 family residential, commercial properties, cooperatives corporations and condominiumss for various lenders.
Business and Commercial Matters
Formation/Asset Protection
Assist clients with entity formation including but not limited to C Corporations, S Corporations, and LLCs.
Assist clients with contract negotiations, review, and preparation.
Consumer Protection
Negotiate with creditors on behalf of debtors.
Represent clients in State proceddings in creditor actions.
Represent clients in filing Chapter 7, Chapter 11, and Chapter 13 bankruptcy petitions used for:
- Liquidation of debt
- Repayment of all or part of an individual's debt
- Corporation reorganization
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